What this election means...

We recognize the service Biden has provided on a grand scale, now we want to support him stepping into a position that eclipses any professional or personal milestone he has achieved to date. The election process takes years, with dedication to family, one's faith and community directing ones path. These are the three pillars we support Biden in running his Grandpa campaign on.

The greatest achievement (being a Grandpa) is not just in the years of hard work and dedication, but in the opportunity to be a source of strength, inspiration, and unwavering support for a growing family. Embracing the role of a Grandpa is an honor that magnifies the significance of a life well-lived, bringing him immeasurable pride and fulfillment as he looks forward to creating cherished memories with the newest members of the family.

With this victory, Grandpa Joe, will find immense joy filling his heart at the prospect of guiding and nurturing a new generation.

Will you help us elect Biden in 2024 for Grandpa?